We are more than you think we are

By Jennifer Bigelow

We are lost souls

We are souls with illness

We are abandoned souls

We are abused souls

We are souls who ran away

We are souls who stayed too long

We are souls who were locked up

We are unloved souls


We are beautiful, loving, caring, worthy and hopeful souls who deserve a life to live.

Whether we smoke it, sniff it, or inject it, the end result is always the same. We need help, we need compassion, we need support; we need our friends and our family, and we need our services and our communities to be educated and understand us.

We are in a crisis, a very deadly opioid crisis. One we did not begin, rather, our doctors and pharmacists began.  This drug was given to us and it is killing us.

There has been much talk and shoulder shrugging. We need action and we need it now!

Hear us!  We are your children, we are your parents, we are your siblings. We need change now.

We don’t want to die!

About Regulation Project

The Regulation Project is an international collaboration to advocate and educate for the legal regulation of drugs.