Since 2016, over 21,000 people have died from opioid-related harms in Canada. The scale of loss and gravity of grief are immeasurable. Behind each number was a human being—a mother, father, daughter, son, and friend—whose path in life was tragically cut short by our fatally flawed drug policies. These policies cling to a failed model based on prohibition, and this is what is driving the preventable deaths. The people who died were not just lives that were lost. They were memories that will never be shared, and contributions to society and human potential that will never be realized.

My heart bleeds… Remembering Marcel Fahey

For many, the hardest part is reflecting on the future, and potential, that will never be realized.

Remembering Ginny

We love and miss her every day. We have memories good and sad. Her beautiful smile gone forever. We did our best to save her

Why did Renee die?

This pain never goes away, nor should it, nor would we want it to.

Tyrell Vail

He had a huge heart and was always fighting for the underdog.

Tyler O’Reilly

I speak out now because I do not want another family to have to live through the heartbreak that my family has had to live through. I miss Tyler everyday.

Sara-Jane Béliveau

Her spirit of activism and kindness is fuelling her mother’s advocacy

This is Who I Am

This is who I am and I don’t plan on changing any time soon