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Report from public health dialogue in Ottawa reveals decriminalization and government leadership are key in addressing drug toxicity crisis

Ottawa, ON. — Decriminalization, safe supply, and a working task force that includes People With Lived and Living Experience are some of the demands put forward by Ottawa participants…

The whole community benefits from a ‘safe supply’ approach to substances

Reforming our policies on the use of illegal substances can save individual lives — but also help our neighbourhoods thrive.

I don’t judge you for yours, don’t judge me for mine

Who are you to judge us on our addiction?

Coalition of local and national harm reduction and drug policy organizations seek solutions to Canada’s overdose crisis at Ottawa’s first-ever public health dialogue on rising drug toxicity deaths and policy solutions

Opioid-related deaths have nearly doubled in Ottawa during the COVID-19 pandemic. | Getting to Tomorrow Ottawa

A friend of mine has died today

Criminalization, stigmatization and ugly looks put her in a grave. All because she used a drug. Does not mean she wasn’t brave

Why decriminalize drugs?

“I stopped doing dangerous drugs in a dangerous fashion the first time my drug use was treated as a means to cope, a health issue—and was being treated as such—rather than a crime.”

We are more than you think we are

We are beautiful, loving, caring, worthy and hopeful souls who deserve a life to live.

Addiction doesn’t discriminate

An explainer video produced by our community partner, Sandy Hill Community Health Centre

Meet the people of Sandy Hill Community Health Centre

Good health means more than just treating people when they are sick. Problems like poverty, addiction, and family violence can bring on illness — or keep people from getting well.

Study: Opioid-Related Deaths in Ontario during COVID-19

Findings of this report broadly suggest a need for policies and programs designed to urgently address the increase in opioid mortality, such as access to harm reduction…and safer supply of drugs.

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

A crowd marching in a rally in Ottawa holding signs

Meeting the community driving drug policy change in Ottawa

News & Updates

News & Updates

Wendy Muckle standing on a porch railing

Five overdoses in two hours: Tuesday night offers snapshot of continuing opioid epidemic (Ottawa Citizen)

A capped syringe on the ground

White: The whole community benefits from a 'safe supply' approach to drugs (Ottawa Citizen)

Wendy Muckle, CEO of Ottawa Inner City Health

'We're all living in this fear': Experts, advocates convene to talk safe supply, overdose crisis in Ottawa (Ottawa Citizen)

Three people clasping their hands with their heads down

Ottawa dialogue focuses on solution to the overdose crisis (CityNews Ottawa)

Ottawa city street

Opioid-related deaths in Ottawa nearly double during pandemic (CBC)

Harm reduction equipment on a table

Ottawa police issue warning about crisis with overdoses; officers respond to 91 drug overdoses so far in 2021 (CTV)

Crushed white pills on a table

Four suspected overdose deaths in 24 hours in Ottawa last weekend: Ottawa's top doctor (CTV)