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Drug policy and racism in Canada

“The racist and anti-Black harms facilitated by drug law enforcement have extended beyond the criminal justice system.”

Studies and evidence in support of harm reduction and public health-based drug policies

The international consensus reveals that harm reduction and progressive, public health-based drug policies save lives and improve community safety for all. They are solutions where everyone wins.

History of Drug Policy in Canada

Knowing about Canadian drug prohibition allows us to critically reflect on past practices, legal regulation, law enforcement, moral reformers and their agendas, new events and avenues to adopt.

Federal government must decriminalize drugs to save lives and protect communities

Decriminalization and legal regulation will allow people who use drugs to come forward to access life-saving social supports and a network of care. | Drug decriminalization in Canada

An experience with overdose on SkyTrain is inspiring a life-saving high school program

If someone wants to help in making a positive change in their community, nothing should be stopping them from doing so.

How harm reduction saved my life and put me on a path to hope

Jordan is a client of an injectable opioid agonist treatment (iOAT) program in Edmonton, Alberta living with his family. He has just started his own consulting business and has a loving partner and a dog named Mr. Mills.

Coalition of businesses supporting progressive drug policies in Alberta

Harm reduction and progressive drug policies create stronger communities for everyone

Addressing the syndemic of HIV, Hepatitis C, Overdose, and COVID-19 Among People Who Use Drugs

The criminalization of personal drug use marginalizes people who use drugs (PWUD), affecting their life, liberty, and security.

Expertise of people who use drugs must be central to design of safe supply

If people who use drugs are not meaningfully involved, the quality of the research and its impact on policy and service delivery is likely to suffer.

Why I overdosed during the pandemic, and why I survived

COVID-19 has created havoc for people who use drugs—and that obviously includes me.


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News & Updates

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