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Addressing the syndemic of HIV, Hepatitis C, Overdose, and COVID-19 Among People Who Use Drugs

The criminalization of personal drug use marginalizes people who use drugs (PWUD), affecting their life, liberty, and security.

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Expertise of people who use drugs must be central to design of safe supply

If people who use drugs are not meaningfully involved, the quality of the research and its impact on policy and service delivery is likely to suffer.

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Why I overdosed during the pandemic, and why I survived

COVID-19 has created havoc for people who use drugs—and that obviously includes me.

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Harm Reduction & COVID

Harm Reduction & COVID

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Resources for communities responding to dual health crises

News & Updates

News & Updates

Matt Bonn, Canadian Association of People Who Use Drugs

New article examines the compounded harms coronavirus pandemic has on overdose crisis

Cliff Robinson

Cliff Robinson is one of Halifax's essential workers—COVID or no COVID

Three naloxone kits strung up to a chain link fence

MDMA likely laced with fentanyl leads to overdose and death in Halifax

Banner with the phrase, "they talk we die" written on it

Nova Scotians are still dying from the overdose crisis