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The minute I was labelled…I became a case file

I used drugs to find purpose and freedom. Today, I find freedom in love and purpose in sacrifice and service.

When people stop their judgement, then they’ll see the truth

Stigma and judgement have real and harmful consequences. Change starts with us, and how we see and treat others

Service restrictions related to substance use cause further trauma and harm to people who use drugs

People who use drugs have woken up from an overdose to find out that they no longer have a bed to sleep in for the night because they were service restricted for overdosing in the shelter.

History of Drug Policy in Canada

Knowing about Canadian drug prohibition allows us to critically reflect on past practices, legal regulation, law enforcement, moral reformers and their agendas, new events and avenues to adopt.

Federal government must decriminalize drugs to save lives and protect communities

Decriminalization and legal regulation will allow people who use drugs to come forward to access life-saving social supports and a network of care. | Drug decriminalization in Canada

Addressing the syndemic of HIV, Hepatitis C, Overdose, and COVID-19 Among People Who Use Drugs

The criminalization of personal drug use marginalizes people who use drugs (PWUD), affecting their life, liberty, and security.

Expertise of people who use drugs must be central to design of safe supply

If people who use drugs are not meaningfully involved, the quality of the research and its impact on policy and service delivery is likely to suffer.

Why I overdosed during the pandemic, and why I survived

COVID-19 has created havoc for people who use drugs—and that obviously includes me.

Canadian Drug Policy Coalition launches national dialogue series on the overdose crisis and COVID-19

Finding common ground and shared meaning to realize solutions to the overdose crisis. A public health and human rights-based approach.

Canada’s current approach to substances

Rather than being benign tools aimed at promoting the health of Canadians, drug laws introduced in the early 1900s were meant for social control and targeted certain groups of people, including Asian immigrants, people of colour, and Indigenous people.

COVID-19 & Harm Reduction

COVID-19 & Harm Reduction

three people holding up signs at the safe supply rally in Vancouver, 2020

Resources for communities responding to dual health crises

News & Updates

News & Updates

Man standing with his hands crossed

Man survived COVID-19 outbreak at Hamilton shelter, but not opioid crisis

Woman standing in front of a wooden door

Opioid hotline goes 24-7 amid Hamilton overdose crisis (Hamilton Spectator)

man on a smartphone

Opioid crisis: Life and death on Hamilton's streets (Hamilton Spectator)

Man crushing drugs in his hands

Hamilton's opioid deaths during pandemic among worst in Ontario, report says (CBC)

Female nurse using a tablet

Canadian Drug Users Need Us Doctors to Step Up With Safe Supply (Filter Magazine)