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Barrie Health Accord support letter for supervised consumption site

We believe that an SCS/CTS in Barrie at the proposed location of 11 Innisfil St (80 Bradford Street, Unit 940) is the next pressing need in responding to this crisis.

Coalition of local and national harm reduction and drug policy organizations push for policy change at public health dialogue on overdose/drug poisoning crisis

Bringing together leaders from diverse sectors of society to identify and move towards policy solutions to the overdose/drug poisoning crisis.

Giving a voice to those at the centre: Thoughts and reflections from a person who uses drugs

I am still living it every day—the stigma of substance use. Life is a huge challenge.. The “day to day” that most of us take for granted.

Services and help for those who want it are too hard to access. The system isn’t designed for us

There are many people out there who want to get help but can’t.

COVID-19 is making the overdose crisis worse. I see it first hand

When you use drugs alone it’s a lot more dangerous because there’s no one there to help you if you overdose

The double standard between alcohol and drugs reveals the harmful nature of stigma

“Back in prohibition days for alcohol, folks were dying from homemade hooch. I wonder how many places in Canada serve alcohol now?”

Media Coverage

Media Coverage

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Changing the narrative on substance use

News & Updates

News & Updates

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Barrie councillors get behind supervised consumption site (Barrie Today)

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People still fear calling 911 to report an overdose, official says (Barrie Today)

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Battle against rising overdose deaths must involve 'the entire community' (Barrie Today)

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When powdered fentanyl showed up in Barrie, ER doc says overdoses became 'non-stop' (Barrie Today)

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Barrie's overdose rate 8 times higher than provincial average (Barrie Today)