The Abyss

Photo and poetry by Rob W. Barker

Unending darkness on unending night.

Each way I turn, above me and below.

Threatening to rebirth my greatest fears, But still I do not run from the non-being.

The legendary phoenix rises from the flames,

Inching up to the abyss.

I have felt the wings of madness pass over me.

Pursued by the blood thirsty hounds of hell,

Moving in for the kill.

In a final and desperate attempt to escape,

I free myself by falling deeper into the abyss.

About Rob W. Barker:

Born in Ontario, Rob was raised by his grandparents and graduated from Lambton County Collegiate Vocational School. He spent a brief period at Toronto School of Business before enlisting in the Canadian army. He then spent more than two decades in the US Marines. Rob joined the Community Action Team “to give a voice to the invisible and forgotten residents of this community.” As someone who’s experienced homelessness, Rob says he knows what marginalized people are going though, including abuse and loneliness, and knows what’s needed.

A published poet, Rob spends a lot of his time walking and taking pictures of local scenery, including the waterfalls in beautiful Bowen Park. 

“My dream job is to be a nature photographer for National Geographic,” he explains. Rob says he tries to greet every day with gratitude.

“Live each moment like it’s your last. With positive vibes, warm thoughts, and MUCH love. Take nothing but lessons you’ve learned and memories you’ve gained. Leave the same behind along with a smile on the face of everyone you meet. And take care of your family and friends.”

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