I’m ready for a miracle

By Axel

My whole life revolves around her

Even though her evil side can burn

She loves to feed off me

Wastes my life, my energy

Of the dangers, I was warned

But these are signs that I ignored

Instead, I joined the deadly game she plays

I was blinded by her magical ways

She drew me in and made me crave

But she is conniving and cruel

And each time, I felt like a fool

So however it may have looked,

She, this drug, just got me hooked

And to free myself from her grip so deadly

I need to let go of her, I need to be ready

The battle will be difficult

But I am stronger than her power over me

I’m ready for a miracle

So I can live the best life that can be.

About Regulation Project

The Regulation Project is an international collaboration to advocate and educate for the legal regulation of drugs.