Finding Community Finding Hope: Cassandra Smith and the Path to Empowerment

As lived experience and history will attest, simply providing services and expecting people to overcome the impact of years of systemic oppression and trauma is a narrow, inaccurate view of reality for thousands of people confronting barriers in life. True support is rooted in compassion, suspends judgment, is trauma-informed, and focuses on building an infrastructure of support around people that is responsive and holistic–in short, a “community.” Cassandra Smith’s story is a powerful testament to the impact a community can have in uplifting, empowering, and changing lives for the better. By focusing on the person, rather than simply the services provided to them, we can build a system for success that is authentically rooted in the lived realities of those in need.

About Regulation Project

The Regulation Project is an international collaboration to advocate and educate for the legal regulation of drugs.