I’m not your friend, though you think I am…

By Carol Fahey who lost her son, Marcel (1983 – 2021), on May 2 to accidental overdose

“My hope is that one day we all realize that addiction is a coping mechanism to something much deeper going on and that for all of us to heal, we need to be on the same side in wanting us all to feel like we belong, we are safe and connected.”

My name’s Addiction and I’m your friend

I’ll take your pain away til the very end

Please, spend time with me,

I’ll make sure to set you free

I’ll make you feel cozy and warm,

then in a moment’s notice,

I’ll make you my bitch

watch you fall, crawl and itch

Your life’s in my hands now

You’ll forever be mine and I’ll show you how

Hello, my name’s Addiction and I’m your friend

No one wants you anymore

They don’t know you anymore

Be with me and I’ll relieve you from the shame and blame,

cause no one wants to see your stupid games

I control your every thought

I destroy your spirit, your heart,

basically, your life’s work

Everyone around you thinks you got no power

They just want to see you take a shower.

Inside I know your crying

for all the lying

for always trying

but never shining,

just feel like dying

Only with me my friend, I’ll be with you til the very end

I’ll take your last breath then go seek another victim.

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