When people stop their judgement, then they’ll see the truth

Stigma and judgement have real and harmful consequences. Change starts with us, and how we see and treat others.

when people stop judging when people stop judging

When people tell me I chose addiction, I ask if they chose to be.

When people say I’m nothing but a junkie, I say that’s what you see.

When society tells me to “just say no,” I tell them I cannot.

When people ask me why I use, I say it’s all I got.

When they ask what I am escaping, I tell them I am healing.

When they look at me as damaged, I see them as unfeeling.

When someone finally accepts me, I thank them cause they’re real.

When someone says that it’s okay, I’m reminded I can heal.

When people look past the substance, I find that I have a soul.

When they let me share my story, it’s then that I’m made whole.

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The Regulation Project is an international collaboration to advocate and educate for the legal regulation of drugs.