Angel Gates: Insight from community on the devastating toll of Canada’s drug policies

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At the heart of Canada’s overdose crisis are people with lived and living experience with substance use who have the clearest understanding of the systemic flaws inherent in our drug policies, along with the devastating human toll wrought by them. Angel Gates is one of the many resilient community members whose invaluable insight must guide and inform new policies if they are to have any positive impact on the lived realities of communities that are most deeply affected.

Angel, along with those who share her depth of experience, are the “experts to the experts,” and their contributions must be privileged for policies to succeed. Not only does she describe the symptoms of bad policies, but also the interconnected root factors fuelling the overdose crisis that has claimed (at time of writing) more than 15,000 lives.

Angel is a storyteller for Megaphone’s Speakers Bureau program. To speak with her further about how we can support people who use drugs better, book an anti-stigma workshop here:

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