Angela Welz: Mother’s perspective on the overdose crisis

angela welz moms stop the harm, angela welz moms stop the harm

One of the most powerful voices for change has been a movement of mothers committed to reframing substance use and addiction and shifting the stigmatizing narratives around those who use drugs. Moms Stop the Harm is a national organization and part of the Canadian Drug Policy Coalition.

Angela Welz (Edmonton, AB) is one of their members. She shares her emotional story of navigating the grief and loss of losing her daughter, Zoe, to overdose. Canada’s broken drug policies negatively affect all corners of society, even though the images of dark, foreboding downtown alleyways and gritty urban settings—popularized by media and television—suggest otherwise.

The overdose crisis is one that touches us all. We all likely know someone who is affected. Rampant stigma prevents many from talking openly about their substance use, which compounds the harm by creating barriers to open, honest conversations that ultimately lead to help and support.

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